Affiliate Programme

The AstroLogix Affiliate Program is free to join, and enables members to earn revenues using two different methods:

  1. Coupon Code sharing
  2. Affiliate Tracking URL sharing  

Method 1: Coupon Code sharing:

The Affiliate will share their unique Coupon Tracking Code on their website, blog, social media, messaging platform - even by post!

When an Customer enters the unique Coupon Code during their purchase, two things happen:

  • The Customer receives a 10% discount
  • The Affiliate receives a 5% commission

Future Commission:

When the Customer enters the Coupon Code during the purchase, a cookie is placed on their computer so that the Affiliate continues to earn commission on future purchases.

Method 2: Affiliate Tracking URL sharing:

The Affiliate will share their unique Affiliate Tracking URL link on their website, blog, or social media. All purchases made by Customers who have clicked through the links will earn the Affiliate a 5% commission.

Referral tracking information is stored as a cookie in the Customer computer. If the Customer leaves the website and revisits at a later date then commission for future purchases is still earned by the Affiliate.

For more information, see our affiliate terms and conditions.

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