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About Us

Our story

Since the beginning, our aim has been to offer a simple, yet fun way for children and adults to discover, as well as explore, multi-dimensional geometry. Not exactly an easy topic to learn from the get-go, we wanted to add an interactive and addictive element that resonates with both children and adults. So AstroLogix was born.

We have been around for 18-years, and have enjoyed success around the world. After a few years off the radar, we’re here and ready to make our big comeback.

We’re on one mission and one mission only: to introduce people to the huge and fascinating topic of Sacred Geometry.

We want to inspire adults and kids to tap into their creativity and improve upon their spacial awareness, which will have a positive ripple effect into everything they do in a given day. Through 3D geometry, polyhedra, and The Platonic Solids, we encourage imaginative learning today.

Based in Bristol, the UK, AstroLogix is an ingenious educational construction toy, with multi-functionalities that can be pursued and explored at any time. We plan to add more components to the AstroLogix system, expand upon the range of AstroLogix sets, and add more toys to the range in the future. 

We hope you’ll come along for the ride.



AstroLogix invented by Stephen Strange and his son Rob, in Bristol, UK

2000 - 2001

After much development, first prototype mold tool manufactured in Bristol

First batch of components manufactured and packed into a glow in the dark kit named “Solar System”.


Solar System is stocked by several science museums, including London Science Museum.

Hamleys place an order for several hundred kits, in time for Christmas 2001.

Natural World (at the time 30+ stores in the UK) stock the Solar System.


AstroLogix licenses to a large toy company in the USA, called Fred DaMert Toys and their parent company Toysmith.

2002 - 2007

Toysmith (manufacturing in China) produce two ranges of kits: “Glow” and “Neon”.


Licence with Toysmith expires, so Rob takes over the manufacture of AstroLogix, buying direct from the Chinese factory.

Robb continues to sell direct from the astro-logix.com website for the following years, until stock runs out.


AstroLogix had a break for a few years.


New range of kits developed: imaginatively named Small Medium. Large and Extra Large.

New website launch.


Watch this space...